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What Are We Doing?

Lanboer has yong and creative team with 5 design and development team and 5 professional sales,that our products design can point to customer’s view.independent development of their own brand The products also provide customers with designs that meet the needs of the local market.Do customer love products and to be customer love factory.

We are not just doing design, we are still doing the practice, doing the service and doing the marketing.Every year Lanboer participate in the Domestic and international trade show, to know the design customer need, to learn the market demand. At the same time also visit to ask other companies products, to know ourselves and to know yourself.

12 years experience factory , with nearly 100 worker team, all the Lanboer products which very strict with raw material and color yarn fastness,lanboer inspection and certification.We do market research to confirm our products meet the market requirements.Under the premise of quality, reduce costs, let customers spend less money to get a higher standard and quality products.

job rotation system to ensure that the factory 24 hours operation, increase production line speed. in strict accordance with the instructions of customers customized products, each process were arranged part of the leader, with the QC and the inspector until the product test before passing into the next program. So our customers can precious speed of delivery, improve market competitiveness.

Lanboer has 2 thousand square meters of stock products warehouse, a number of logistics partners, fast and safe delivery with small MOQ.

24hours online service.

Lanboer is the enterprise which is keep up with the times.We have the advanced operation concept and the keen sense of the market.Pet supplies’ market demand is increasingly,lanboer has cooperated with small shops and businesses.We put forward the idea of "you only need to provide display our products and we offer the novel products to attract the customers,"We have the idea of cooperation and win-win concept.To be a pet appliance company that understands the marketing.

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