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Lanboer pet is a professional enterprise that specializes in manufacturing and developing pet socks, pet shoes and other products. Now we have a whole set of advanced knitting equipments, exquisite craftsmanship, and a strong design team.Through continuous creation, we have created a series of leading pet products such as pet socks, pet leg warmers, pet shoe socks and outdoor sports pet socks with international eco-design concept. The outstanding creativity and luxury quality of pet socks reflect the concept of fashion and taste for art from the inside out. Lanboer with all the staff warmly welcome you.

Best Service

Lanboer has been committed to the pet socks technologyand function-improving and optimizing,many times try and continuous researches,2012 the outdoor pet socks are developed successful in 2012,Such kind of outdoor pet socks,with waterproof, anti-skidding,anti-drop as well as other many unique functions.Up to now, it has also got several national patents.Now, Lanboer has formed a mature production process for the outdoor pet socks.,What’s more, we will make our effortsto make eachmanufacturing-process better and better,and bring more new surprise to our customers continuously,We hope each customer can enjoy our meticulous affectionate love.

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